Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation in South Carolina

The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC helps South Carolina clients struggling to obtain their rightful workers’ compensation benefits. Our clients are people who were severely injured while at work and are seeking benefits to cover their medical expenses and support their families.

Protecting Injured Workers in South Carolina

Workers’ compensation laws were passed in South Carolina to protect injured workers. In general, employers with over four part-time or full-time employees are legally obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance provides coverage for accidents and injuries that occur to workers while on the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits cover a wide variety of injuries and illnesses:

  • Back injuries
  • Head trauma—falling objects, slips & falls, etc.
  • Burns—chemical, fire & explosions
  • Amputation—limbs & digits
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Black lung disease

When you are hurt during the course of your daily employment, you have a right to recover benefits! You deserve access to quality medical care and resources to help support your family while you heal. The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC will stand by you during your claim and fight to help you obtain all benefits to which you are legally entitled.

Legal Protection During Complex Cases

Workers’ compensation cases can be complex, but we can help make sure that you are treated fairly. We will work to see that temporary wage benefits are being properly and promptly paid, and we will fight to assist you in getting these benefits reinstated when the insurance company has improperly stopped paying! We can also help make sure all medical bills are paid and strive to see that you get the medical treatment that you are entitled to receive.

At The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC, we are experienced in handling complex cases. We can help evaluate a fair, lump-sum settlement value for your future wages and medical benefits, as well as permanent disability, if the insurance company is interested in settling your claim.

Call us for workers’ compensation claims in South Carolina.