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For more than 35 years, the personal injury attorneys at The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC have been committed to helping injured clients in Lexington and throughout South Carolina pursue justice after they’ve been harmed in accidents by drivers, employers, and other negligent parties. As a locally-based law firm, we prioritize the needs of those in our community and offer personalized services with the understanding that no two accidents are exactly the same.

Our team believes clients should be treated the way we’d want to be treated after a traumatic accident: with compassion, respect, and professionalism. We’re available 24/7 for our clients and can come to you at home or in the hospital so you can concentrate on resting and healing while we pursue the compensation you need.

Call (803) 590-9900 for a free consultation regarding your potential injury case, or fill out our online form. Our team has handled cases ranging from car accidents to medical malpractice and has the experience needed to help you

PI Cases We Handle

Our attorneys work around the clock for our clients. When we handle cases, we can immediately get to work building your claim by investigating your accident, collecting important documents and evidence, and filing the necessary paperwork to ensure you have a chance at recovering damages. No case is too simple or tricky for us to take.

We’ve successfully settled cases involving:

Even if you think your injuries or minor or that you haven’t suffered injuries, it’s still important to take advantage of your free consultation so our team can determine whether you’re eligible to file a claim. Sometimes, minor symptoms like headaches can be an indication of a more serious injury that costs thousands of dollars to treat. Filing a claim can be your chance to pay for your bills and other damages.

Countless individuals who have been injured by negligent parties and want to file a claim for the first time have many questions and don’t know where to start. This is understandable, as the legal system can be vast and complicated to navigate. We’ve provided answers to common questions and can address more of your unique concerns when we meet with you in a one-on-one discussion.

Call (803) 590-9900 today to get in touch with one of our Lexington, SC personal injury attorneys. We offer personalized service and compassionate support throughout your case.

Personal Injury FAQ

  • Q:How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

    A:All states have set deadlines for individuals who wish to file personal injury claims. In South Carolina, individuals have three years from the date of injury to file a claim and begin legal proceedings. The statute of limitations begins only after an injury becomes known. While most injuries become known quickly after the accident, some injuries date time to appear. If you attempt to file a claim after the statute of limitations has passed, the court will most likely refuse to hear your case, resulting in you missing your opportunity to achieve justice.

  • Q:Can I File a Claim After My Loved One Passed Away?

    A:Immediate family members or those who were financially dependent on an individual that passed away in an accident caused by negligence may be able to seek compensation for damages by filing a wrongful death claim. In addition to recovering damages like medical bills, lost income, and mental anguish, family members can also be compensated for funeral and burial expenses.

  • Q:Should I Talk to the Insurance Company After an Accident?

    A:Insurance companies strive to make and save as much money as possible, meaning that they will do what it takes to undermine your claim to avoid having to pay you after your accident. They can evade liability altogether or even attempt to put some of the blame on the victim. Hiring a personal injury attorney who can handle correspondence with insurance companies is beneficial to your claim – talking on the phone with an adjuster can be risky because you may say something they can use against you. If you do need to speak with an insurance company, make sure to avoid saying your opinions, expressing your emotions, or admitting fault.

  • Q:What Damages Can I Recover After an Accident?

    A:Our team can recover damages you may have accrued from your accident, which includes treatment for injuries. Among the medical bills you may have, we can help you pay for expenses like hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and more, as well as lost wages and future earning capacity, property damage like car repairs, and even non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Hear It From Our Clients

  • He takes your case personally

    “Rick Hall represented my family in a case that involved the wrongful death of our mother. I can tell you, from my heart, that this man and his staff care deeply.”

    - Vivian G.
  • This man doesn't back down

    “He's the best lawyer I've ever had. He stuck by me and my daughter for 5 years until he got her the justice she deserved after a medical malpractice incident when she was still a newborn.”

    - Ashley L.
  • You will not be disappointed

    “His staff and The man himself are always on your side. I can say this thing`s because he represented Me and my family, I can say this one thing.”

    - Tonya R.
  • He goes above and beyond

    “Great experience dealing with Mr. Hall. He kept me informed of everything that was happening and went above and beyond. Highly recommend his services.”

    - Janet B.
  • Rick is second to none

    “Rick is a tireless advocate for his clients. He does the hard work to make sure his clients get full value for their case. Rick is second to none.”

    - Brian M.

Settlements & Verdicts

  • $2,000,000 Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death and survival action in which our client’s husband was killed after being struck by a tractor that had just collided with a wide load.

  • $1,000,000 Defective Product

    The plaintiff and her two children, causing severe burns which resulted in extensive burn treatment, including skin grafts.

  • $550,000 Severe Burn

    The plaintiff was struck in the neck by a shell fired from a defective Sixteen Shot Super Stallion causing severe burn injuries to neck that required multiple surgeries.

  • $550,000 Neck Injury

    The client suffered severe neck injury due to a rear-end collision.

  • $550,000 Negligently Performed Hip Operation

    The client suffered as a result of a negligently performed hip operation.

  • $525,000 Tractor-Trailer Collision

    The plaintiff suffered neck pain and injury. Plaintiff was hit by a tractor-trailer whose driver was talking on the cell phone and not paying attention.

  • $375,000 Loss of the Child’s Eye.

    Claim against a toy company after the defendant was hit in the eye with a “Ninja Star” plastic toy, resulting in the loss of the child’s eye.

  • $277,704 Poor Workmanship, Arbitration Award

    The homeowner was left to deal with serious construction defects due to the builder's poor workmanship.

  • Confidential Settlement Wrongful Death

    Nursing home negligence case where the plaintiff’s mother died of severe dehydration as she was not given water to drink and not cared for at all by the nursing home staff.

  • Confidential Settlement Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death and survival action arising out of the tragic death of a teenager after taking a mind-altering, behavior-modifying, psychopharmacologic drug.