What Should You Do After an Injury? Focus on What Matters Most
Visit Your Doctor

Your health and wellness come first. Before worrying about anything else, you should seek proper medical treatment. All other matters can wait until you are taken care of.

Contact an Attorney

In order to improve your legal and financial standing, you should enlist the help of an attorney as early as possible. An experienced attorney can help with many aspects of your case.

Let Us Handle the Rest

There are many issues to address after an injury. Lean on us for guidance on how to handle your insurance claim, hospital bills, property repairs, time off work, and more.

Personal Injury & Real Estate
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Here to Get You Back on Your Feet

We don’t just resolve your case ― we help you get your life back.

Allow us to take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on healing.

How We Demonstrate Our Devotion to You

Working Around the Clock

Injuries happen outside office hours, but when you need us, we’re there. You can call us any night, weekend, or holiday.

Fighting for You in Trial

When the opposing side won’t settle on favorable terms, we go to bat for you and your family. We’re not afraid of the courtroom.

Serving You Near & Far

Though our office is in Lexington, we’re not just local attorneys. We represent clients throughout South Carolina and beyond.

Practice Areas

Want Us to Come to You?

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Prominent Results

Wrongful Death - $2 Million

Client’s husband was killed after being struck by a tractor that had just collided with a wide load. We contended that the defendant construction company failed to comply with SC laws.

Product Liability - $1 Million

Defective bottle top broke off, spewing drain cleaner on the plaintiff and her two children and causing them severe burns which resulted in extensive treatment, including skin grafts.

Rear-End Collision - $550,000

Client suffered severe neck injury due to rear-end collision.

Medical Negligence - $550,0000

Client suffered as a result of a negligently performed hip operation.

As a public service, and on behalf of the organization for which I sometimes speak, ENDDD.org (End Distracted Driving.org) I am posting this video about the dangers of talking, texting or looking at a cell phone while driving. Please folks, don't do this. Lives are at stake.
Rick Hall

There's No Justice Without Advocacy

We help you secure the compensation you deserve.

While most of us like to see the world as a good place, unfortunately, that’s not always true. Though the opposing party may not have had any ill intent, their insurance company is likely going to try to get by with paying you as little as possible. As we tell our clients, justice doesn't just happen ― you have to go get it. That’s what we help you do.


At our firm, we advocate for everyone equally, and there is no upfront cost to you. We work on contingency, meaning you are not charged for our services unless we recover money on your behalf. If we obtain compensation in your case, we will then take a small portion of the payout, leaving you with the bulk of the recovery. To do otherwise would simply go against our values. We are in this profession to help others, and we always put our clients’ needs first. Though we believe our philosophy applies to all areas of the law, it is especially applicable to victims of injury and wrongful death.

When we fight for you, we’re not just trying to win. We fight to right the wrongs you endured and provide you with a better life. This starts by securing compensation for your medical bills and property repairs but expands to financing your long-term care. For instance, you may need ongoing chiropractic treatment and other forms of rehabilitative therapy, and such expenses should be accounted for. Furthermore, your post-injury needs may be better served in a new home. If you and your family must relocate or purchase real estate, you deserve to be compensated for these adjustments. If you choose to hire our firm to represent you in your case, know that these are the kinds of things we will consider. We take a careful approach and evaluate every aspect of your situation. After you’ve suffered a life-changing injury or loss, it is the least we can do.

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