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While all legal matters should be taken seriously, as they all can have a major impact on the lives of everyone involved, real estate law involves high-stakes transactions that should be overseen by an experienced lawyer. If not handled carefully, some real estate transactions can result in disputes and cost innocent individuals tens of thousands of dollars or more in losses. If you’re buying your first piece of property and want your contract reviewed, or if you’re locked in a heated dispute with your landlord, you deserve high-quality representation from your area’s trusted lawyers. The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC offers compassionate support for potential clients going through rocky times. Our real estate attorneys serve clients in Lexington, South Carolina who need help filing paperwork, resolving disputes, or simply want advice before they make a big decision that impacts their family’s future.

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Common Real Estate Legal Issues

There are countless reasons why individuals may feel inclined to involve legal action with their real estate matters, though there are some common issues our law firm has helped clients with over the years.

Breach of Contract

Many real estate issues involve legal action when it comes to contracts. In a real estate transaction, contracts are almost always required and involve complicated matters such as title clearances, assets, and more. Many individuals choose to file lawsuits over a breach of contract. In a breach of contract, the plaintiff must show that they fulfilled their contractual obligations while the other party has not. Those who are able to prove this successfully can receive compensation for any losses they may have suffered.

Negligence or Breach of Duty

Agents and realtors have a responsibility to put the best interests of their clients first and to not be corrupted by the interests of third parties or salespeople. Agent and realtors can be found to be negligent if the plaintiff can prove that they failed to keep sensitive information about their clients confidential, or if they didn’t disclose information that would have been beneficial to a client before they made a decision.

Failure to Disclose Property Defects

Purchasing property is a major investment, and buyers deserve to know if the property has any defects or issues before they make a decision to purchase. If property defects are discovered after the real estate transaction and it’s revealed that the seller failed to disclose this information, buyers are eligible to seek compensation for the costs of fixing the issue from the seller.

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate attorney has the experience and skills that clients need to help them prepare and review documents that relate to real estate, such as purchase agreements, transfer documents, title documents, and mortgage documents. We understand that clients want to file their paperwork in an efficient manner so they can lock in their deals and move on. Our attorneys have helped many clients review and file their agreements and can easily determine when a contract needs revising.

Additionally, some states require that a real estate attorney be present during any transaction, and South Carolina is one of those states. Real estate matters involve complex laws that an attorney can easily help you navigate, like foreclosures and short sales. You want to be sure that you’re receiving a deal that benefits you and isn’t taking advantage of you or your finances. We can settle disputes in and out of the courtroom, as well as prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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    “Rick Hall represented my family in a case that involved the wrongful death of our mother. I can tell you, from my heart, that this man and his staff care deeply.”

    - Vivian G.
  • This man doesn't back down

    “He's the best lawyer I've ever had. He stuck by me and my daughter for 5 years until he got her the justice she deserved after a medical malpractice incident when she was still a newborn.”

    - Ashley L.
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    “His staff and The man himself are always on your side. I can say this thing`s because he represented Me and my family, I can say this one thing.”

    - Tonya R.
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    “Great experience dealing with Mr. Hall. He kept me informed of everything that was happening and went above and beyond. Highly recommend his services.”

    - Janet B.
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    “Rick is a tireless advocate for his clients. He does the hard work to make sure his clients get full value for their case. Rick is second to none.”

    - Brian M.

Settlements & Verdicts

  • $2,000,000 Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death and survival action in which our client’s husband was killed after being struck by a tractor that had just collided with a wide load.

  • $1,000,000 Defective Product

    The plaintiff and her two children, causing severe burns which resulted in extensive burn treatment, including skin grafts.

  • $550,000 Severe Burn

    The plaintiff was struck in the neck by a shell fired from a defective Sixteen Shot Super Stallion causing severe burn injuries to neck that required multiple surgeries.

  • $550,000 Neck Injury

    The client suffered severe neck injury due to a rear-end collision.

  • $550,000 Negligently Performed Hip Operation

    The client suffered as a result of a negligently performed hip operation.

  • $525,000 Tractor-Trailer Collision

    The plaintiff suffered neck pain and injury. Plaintiff was hit by a tractor-trailer whose driver was talking on the cell phone and not paying attention.

  • $375,000 Loss of the Child’s Eye.

    Claim against a toy company after the defendant was hit in the eye with a “Ninja Star” plastic toy, resulting in the loss of the child’s eye.

  • $277,704 Poor Workmanship, Arbitration Award

    The homeowner was left to deal with serious construction defects due to the builder's poor workmanship.

  • Confidential Settlement Wrongful Death

    Nursing home negligence case where the plaintiff’s mother died of severe dehydration as she was not given water to drink and not cared for at all by the nursing home staff.

  • Confidential Settlement Wrongful Death

    Wrongful death and survival action arising out of the tragic death of a teenager after taking a mind-altering, behavior-modifying, psychopharmacologic drug.