Products Liability

South Carolina Products Liability Claims

Faulty Fireworks Injuries

The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC represents people who have been severely injured by unsafe and faulty fireworks. We bring years of experience to help us litigate these claims in favor of our clients. Our attorneys have travelled to various courts across the U.S. to argue against negligent manufacturers and distributors nationwide.

Fireworks injuries in South Carolina can result in severe and permanent injuries:

  • Extensive burns all over the body
  • Hand injures—loss of finger, burns, etc.
  • Eye damage—including partial & full blindness
  • Other injuries resulting from explosions
  • Scarring & disfigurement

Fireworks, by design, are volatile products that must be handled with care and used as intended. However, even under those circumstances, improperly designed and negligently distributed fireworks often malfunction and cause severe harm. Many fireworks are illegally imported into the United States and may not meet industry standards or consumer product safety regulations.

Our firm will help you bring a claim against the negligent parties involved in your accident. We have handled claims from basic design flaws to imported fireworks that were illegally distributed.

Contact our firm to discuss your injury and explore a legal strategy for a claim in South Carolina or anywhere else in the U.S.

General Products Liability & Bodily Injury in South Carolina

Products liability law is built on the legal foundation of tort law. Basically the law mandates that a consumer has the right to expect that the products they buy will meet performance claims in a safe manner. When a product, used as intended, malfunctions and does harm and bodily injury, the consumer may bring a claim for products liability.

Our firm helps clients prove that the product in question was directly responsible for the injury and damages at hand. We may argue these cases on any of the following grounds:

  • Design flaw
  • Manufacturer’s errors
  • Failure to warn of potential dangers
  • Breach of product warranty

Safety standards and regulations are there for the very important reason of keeping people safe. Ignoring or failing to adhere to these accepted rules of design, manufacturing, and marketing is an extreme violation of public safety and punishable by legal consequences.

The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC represents clients in a wide array of products liability claims including heavy machinery, automotive equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, and more. Our goal is seeing that the big businesses responsible for your injuries are held legally and financially accountable.

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