Rick Hall represented my family in a case that involved the wrongful death of our mother. I can tell you, from my heart, that this man and his staff care deeply. Not only does he take your case personally, he is well versed in the law. I have worked as a freelance paralegal (many attorneys) for 30 years in North Carolina so I feel qualified in stating this opinion. I could never voice my gratitude enough for the representation and care that my family received.

-Vivian Gentry

Rick Hall represented me years ago, and I know first-hand he and his staff, with great care and empathy, represent every person like their own family member. Greatly thankful for them.

-Berta Prall Mason Puckhaber

I want to cry. Thank you so much for being [there for] our family and helping us through our tragedy. There are no words to describe the impact you had, and still have, in our lives.

-Debbie Jefferson

You are the most awesome lawyer ever... the best! And his staff... the very best.

-Cheryl Turner