Meet Rick Hall
& Jane O. Edwards, Esq.

South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys

Rick Hall opened his firm in 1982 with a commitment to unwavering client devotion. Since then, Rick has dedicated his career to serving the legal communities of Lexington, Columbia, and throughout South Carolina. Over time, he has developed a deep understanding of the South Carolina justice system that can greatly benefit his clients.

Jane O. Edwards, Esq. recently joined The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC and has been a valuable team member bringing youthful energy and dedicated work ethic to each case.

Rick and Jane are committed to offering convenient counsel, and fighting for you in a trial if necessary.

Do I need a
Personal Injury Lawyer?

Free your time to focus on what matters most.

When you choose to work with The Rick Hall Law Firm, LLC, you have over 40 years of combined experience in your corner. We have a longstanding history of fighting for victims of personal injuries, so we understand that having the legal guidance and support you deserve are key to helping you get back on your feet. Allow us to shoulder the burdens of the legal processes so you can concentrate on healing.

What should you do after an injury?

Visit your doctor

Being involved in an accident can often cause chaos and confusion. Before anything else, please seek proper medical treatment. Your health and wellness should be your first priority, then all of the other matters can be attended to after that.

Contact an attorney

For the best possible legal and financial outcomes of your personal injury claim, you should seek the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. Having a trusted team on your side to help you navigate the confusing legal steps will bring some stress relief.

Let us handle the rest

You can count on us for sound legal guidance through the many issues to address after an injury. We know how to recognize if you’ve been offered an unfair settlement, when it’s time to push for a better deal, and how to handle any surprises that may come your way; communicating with you at every step.

Have a trusted team of allies on your side.

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Helping you secure the compensation you deserve

After an accident, it’s not always clear who is at fault for the incident. Even if there is no debate over who is responsible, unfortunately, the insurance companies will try to pay out as little as possible. Which is why we explain to our clients that getting justice doesn’t just happen - you have to fight for it. That’s what we’re here to help you do.